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Critical Illness Can Strike At Any Time

Are you prepared?

Most Americans are not prepared to handle the financial implications of a critical illness.

Start by making good health a personal priority.

Strive to maintain a healthy diet and stay active. The health choices you make today have a significant impact on the total costs of critical illness in your future.

Educate yourself about the real-life costs of critical illness.

In addition to direct costs of treatment, you could face nonmedical costs such as lost work time and transportation to and from treatments.

Have a family discussion.

Talk to your spouse, your family and your advisers about your potential risks and the financial and treatment resources you can put in place to pay for critical illnesses.

Identify the resources you would need and the options available to you.

Find out what your current insurance will—and will not—cover, and then assess your overall financial health.

Plan ahead and act now.

Make a plan to boost your financial “rainy day” fund, take better control of your future and restore your peace of mind. Then set your plan in motion.

Consider Supplemental Critical Illness Insurance.

Policyholders are able to use their cash benefits to help maintain their wellness, access needed care, pay for out-of-pocket costs, cover regular bills, replace lost wages and keep up with household expenses through periods of illness.

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