Our Mission

Project Afya is dedicated to improving the quality of life for adults and children affected by critical illness.

Increasing Access to Care

Through the generosity of donors, projects Afya provides financial assistance to poor families affected by critical illness in Kenya. This financial assistance helps to cover the cost of transportation and doctor visits medical procedures and medications.

Your Family Is Not Alone​

If your loved one is admitted in the hospital, don’t worry, you’re not alone. From sending you messages of hope to providing you with a toiletry kits, warm blankets, socks and nutritious snacks, Project Afya is here for you and we care.


Critical illness can have devastating effects not just on the sick individual, but for the entire family. Families experience financial hardship, mental anguish, feelings of helplessness and anxiety as they watch their loved one suffering with serious illness. 

Project Afya is committed to lessening the effects of critical illness by helping poor families gain access to healthcare and giving hope and support to families with sick loved ones in the hospital. 

Give hope to a family today.

Project Afya Supporters

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Join us so that together we can help those who are sick by improving their quality of life so they can focus on recovery.

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We operate solely on donations. Your generosity is helping to improve the lives of critically ill adults and children so they can focus on recovery.